Cooking with Class with Deb Buzar

 'You'll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.' 
Julia Child 

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My name is Deb Buzar.  I knew I wanted to share my passion for delicious food and cooking with others ever since I graduated 

from Culinary School over 16 years ago.   I enjoy helping others learn techniques that they will continue to use to create 

something delicious and special for those they care about.

To me, cooking is as much about the care, love and attention that goes  into the preparation of a dish, as it is about the 

ingredients and technique used to create it.  Preparing a fondly remembered dish 

or even reading a recipe can bring back wonderful memories of the time spent with those we love as well as to the places we 

enjoyed it.  You can travel the world by trying recipes and techniques from distant places.  Recipes and cooking can take you 

where ever you want to go.  I have taught over 9,000 students since I began teaching cooking in 2003.

I currently teach cooking classes out of my home in Franklin, Michigan as well as from my clients homes in neighboring 

communities.  I want to share all things culinary with you.

I offer customized, hands- on or demonstration style cooking classes and cooking  parties  for adults,

 teenagers and young children in my kitchen or yours. 

 1)  Private Cooking Classes In My Kitchen in Franklin.

These classes are designed for those that want a very special experience in my home, in  Franklin.  These classes are  for  as few as 

two people and can accomodate up  to six people.  Prepare to be pampered while you have a very special cooking and dining 


What to expect:

The day you arrive for class you will be welcomed with   complimentary  beverage and snack  to enjoy while you cook. 

 The kitchen will be set up with with knives, cutting boards and aprons to use during class. 

 I will give you instruction on how to prepare your selected menu.  You  will do the actual cooking.

When the food is ready, you will retreat to the dining room where  I will serve you your meal.

Each participant will receive a packet of recipes of the food they created in class that day.

Wine pairings for your menu can be added at an additional cost, or you are free to bring your own wine.

I can arrange to have party favors for your guests if you like as well.

Lunch time classes with  a set menu last 2-2.5 hours and are available Monday through Friday.

Daytime classes with a larger variety of  menu selections are available  during the week as well as on the weekends.  These classes last 4 hours.

 2)  Divide the Dishes.    This can be done in your home kitchen or mine.

I will provide you menu selections  that are based on what it is you would like to learn.  Once you decide how many portions of 

each dish you would like to prepare, I will provide you with a shopping list  with ingredients you will need to bring with you the 

day of class.   I will provide standard scant amounts from my pantry to complete your menu.  

You  will prepare the selected recipes with  my instruction.  You provide the  containers 

to package up your food, as well as proper coolers and refrigeration needed to store your food and serve at a later time.  

3) Cooking  Classes  or Parties  In Your  Home Kitchen

 Let me come to you.  I will bring the knives, cutting boards and aprons as well as the recipes 

and any tools you do not have to complete the menu of your choice.  Depending on the size of your group, I may need to hire 

additional chefs and helpers to keep the event running seamlessly.  


Contact Deb at (248) 686-4687                                                                                                                                 [email protected]

I look forward to talking with you.  Please leave me a detailed message including your name, what type of class you are interested in, along with the  most convenient time for me to reach you.  I will do my best to get back with you as soon as possible by phone or by email.  Please be aware that when I am teaching a class, my students have my undivided attention.  This means that  I do not have access to my cell phone or email when teaching a class.  I am often away from  communication for four or more hours at a time.  I  reserve time Monday through Friday between 8:00 and 9:00 AM to return phone calls and emails.  I appreciate your understanding.    When emailing me, please enter COOKING CLASS in your subject line.  Thank you.