"You'll never know everything about anything, especially something you love." Julia Child

Cooking with Class with Deb Buzar


Bespoke Hands On Cooking Classes In My Home- Maximum of Two Participants

These classes are available in the daytime Monday through Friday at a time that fits your schedule.  Classes can begin at  any time between the hours of 10:00 AM and 12 :00 PM.  These classes are also available on Sundays, and can begin as early as 10:00 AM and as late as 2:00 PM.

Pricing will be based upon selected menu  and market prices. 
Just as per person prices may change in a restaurant, the average cost of the class is $300.00 .  Menu items with an asterisk are considered premium items and may result in an increase in cost of class.

These classes showcase several different techniques while preparing your delicious meal.   The menu selections are created to make efficient use of the cooking time while allowing you ample time to relax and enjoy your creations.  You will select from a seasonal list of offerings to create your menu which will include a soup, salad or starter, an entrĂ©e which is accompanied with a starch, a vegetable and protein, and will finish with a dessert.


2 and a Half Hour Set Menu Hands On Cooking Classes

These classes are offered  afternoons and evenings on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays .  Friday morning and afternoon classes are available.


Menu and Class offerings will change frequently.  Pricing will vary according to class and average around $65.00  per class, per person for Zoom classes and $90.00 per person for In Home Classes.

Custom Designed Cooking Class 

Let me know what it is that you would like to learn and I will work with you to create a menu or class designed to fit your needs.  Pricing may vary as cost is based upon time spent in preparation as well as during class as well as cost of ingredients.

Personal Chef Services and Classes In Your Home

Pricing is based upon hourly charges for shopping, instructing or catering,  set up fee for recipe printing, shopping lists and laundry, assistants needed for dishwashing, serving and the like as well as the cost of food.

Classes can be paid by check or be paid through Zelle.  I am not accepting credit cards at this time.


 I reserve the right to cancel any class, if the deposit has not been received.  Ask Deb for details when arranging your class.   

 I am not responsible for any reactions to food allergies.